Public Cloud Hosting

A cost-effective solution to a more responsive user experience.

Amito public cloud

Amito can connect you with public cloud services in multiple locations around the world, while providing the consistency that comes with one single support team, manager, and client portal.

Public cloud is the right option if:

  • you need your software, systems and services to run faster
  • you want less reliance on physical infrastructure
  • you have no impediment to using a shared platform

It’s a good starting point for migration into the cloud, making scaling your resources simple, rapid and cost-effective.

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Seamless and efficient

We'll monitor your service continuously, to pick up on any issues before they become a problem. In the event of a failure, we'll respond instantly, moving services seamlessly to another area of the cloud to minimise interruption.

Templating brings efficiency and enables a high level of customisation. It allows us to replicate unique configurations, roll out common sets of changes or deploy new software across multiple virtual machines, quickly, consistently and accurately.

Benefit from

  • Gen4 cloud architecture – offering the highest resilience and performance
  • Full management of the infrastructure
  • 24/7 proactive support
  • Flexible services and resources
  • Security compliance
  • Simple management through our unique VISION client portal
  • Resilient and fault tolerant platform

Our Cloud Locations

Our Flagship Data Centre

We own and operate a Tier 3+ datacentre in Reading; highly interconnected and with our expert technical staff on-site to provide the highest level of support.


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