Amito Reading Data Centre

Reading’s largest, most efficient and secure data centre, offering a wide range of colocation hosting capabilities. 

Data Centre History

Amito’s team built the data centre from the ground up in 2012. The senior team were deeply involved in every aspect of its genesis – from designing the M&E systems and upgrading the power and connectivity, to negotiating the property acquisition and securing planning permission.

The team pushed ‘go’ in December 2012, and the first customer went live in May 2013. Since then, we’ve continually evolved and grown our infrastructure, capability and capacity, our five data halls total over 1,000 racks of white space, with an average power density of 1.5 kW per square metre.

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Multi-layered physical protection.

Our data centre is safeguarded by a ring of defences – including 24/7 on-site security presence, perimeter fencing, biometric scan entry system, HD CCTV and full access control with audit trail.

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Power and cooling

Guaranteed 100% availability.

A private on-site HV network and power supply provide high resilience, with a minimum 2N redundancy, so even if a system fails, performance will be unaffected. The super-efficient infrastructure delivers class-leading PUE (power usage effectiveness), saving energy and costs.

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Carrier neutral site.

We offer on-site connectivity to a diverse range of services and providers. We also have our ‘house’ connectivity, which provides IP transit (internet access), as well as data centre to data centre connectivity with a reach that’s constantly expanding.

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The industry’s fastest response and resolution times.

Clients have 24/7 direct access to third line technical experts. Our team has an exceptionally high level of competence, with expertise in supporting colocation. We’re big enough to provide round-the-clock coverage, but small enough to know individual customers and their installations.

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Award-Winning Sustainability

One of the UK’s most energy-efficient sites, operating at a 1.12 PUE.

Sustainability was a priority when we designed our data centre. We future-proof our equipment to give it longevity, while our energy efficiency means our clients get better value over the long-term. With an eye on the bigger picture, we make our generators available to the National Grid when they’re not being used.

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A highly accessible position in the UK’s ‘Silicon Valley’.

Amito’s data centre is well connected to transport hubs, and sits just off the M4 motorway.


colocation icon Fractional Rack Specialists

As fractional rack specialists, we’ve provided secure and lockable part-racks to clients seeking smaller yet high quality colocation solutions since 2004. We now run nearly 100 racks across all the key London data centre ecosystems, all of which we sell as quarter racks.

Clients with hardware that doesn’t need to be hosted within the more expensive UK ecosystems can benefit from colocation services at our 1,000-rack tier 3 data centre in Reading – the largest, most efficient and secure facility in the region. The cost is around half that of the main London sites, offering substantial savings.

Rack Options

Our self service portal

The data centre is integrated into our VISION platform, which provides a client portal with extensive functionality – including booking remote hands, arranging access, and viewing bandwidth and power usage.

VISION joins up processes across our business, including the data centre’s building management system (BMS) and access system. It also automates routine tasks, enabling us to run a very lean operation.



The support we’ve had at Amito is the best we have ever had.  Other providers don’t even come close.

Craig Parsons, Head of Technical Services, Soutron

The facility as a whole is very impressive.  Once you have seen it, and read through the specification you know it is of the highest quality.

James Finnigan, Service Delivery Manager, Ingenta

I have worked with various data centres and colocation facilities during my career and Amito’s Reading colocation facility has been the most professional and efficient by far.

James Finnigan, Service Delivery Manager, Ingenta

We are particularly impressed with the level of support and performance of the hourly back ups.

David Anderson, Webmaster, NHS Forth Valley

Amito offer excellent, UK based, fast services with top-level support and security. We have no hesitation in recommending Amito.

David Anderson, Webmaster, NHS Forth Valley

We’re particularly impressed with the extensive VISION portal, giving us full visibility of our network.

Dan Franklin, Senior Technical Consultant, Redstor

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