If you would like to talk to us, or would like to take a look around our data centre, please call us on 0118 380 0599 or contact us here.

1. How can you help me ensure a smooth migration into your data centre?

Amito’s highly experienced team are on hand to advise on how best to achieve your move. Our team have moved 100s of racks in previous projects, and would be delighted to offer their advice and expertise.

2. When it comes to connectivity, I have preferred providers – how will that work?

As a carrier neutral site, Amito has a wide range of connectivity providers.  If your preferred carrier isn’t a current option we are happy to discuss this with you.

3. Can I access my rack any time day or night?

Our online customer portal gives you control over site visits. Once permissions are set within the portal, visitors can attend site 24/7 – without prior arrangement.

4. How energy efficient is the Amito data centre? 

Amito’s Reading data centre has award winning sustainability and efficiency.  With an operating PUE of 1.12 it is one of the most efficient facilities in the UK.

5. What accreditations does the Amito data centre have?

Amito holds a number of industry recognised accreditations for its Reading data centre, including PCI-DSS and ISO270001.

6. What provisions do you have in place for power outages?

A private on-site HV network and power supply provide high resilience, with a minimum 2N redundancy, so even if a system fails, performance will be unaffected.

7. What happens when I become a client?

As soon as you become an Amito client you will be assigned to our Service Delivery team who will set you up on our customer portal, and contact you to make sure you have everything you need and answer any questions. You will receive a Welcome Pack with all the information you need for the site you have chosen.

8. How do I contact support?

We encourage our customers to raise any tickets through our customer portal to ensure reliable monitoring and tracking. You will also have access to our dedicated Service Delivery team who work in partnership with our technical support teams to provide a seamless support experience.

9. Will my servers be safe in your data centre?

The security of our data centre has always been one of our highest priorities. We make a commitment to our customers to provide a safe,  robust and resilient environment for their infrastructure. At Amito, we take a multi-layered approach which means with a number of carefully implemented different measures we are able to provide a cohesive, secure and reliable service.

10. How do I arrange deliveries to the data centre?

Large deliveries should be pre-booked through our portal, and sent round to the warehouse area. Please raise a ticket and we will arrange access for you. Server lifters are available on site to assist you should you need it.

11. Can I store equipment on site?

We store all deliveries for 14 calendar days at no charge. For periods beyond this, we may levy a fee of £30 per week, per box or pallet.