Reading Carriers

Our data centre is a carrier neutral site, with in-house IP transit mix available.

Reading carriers

We have a diverse range of carriers at our Reading data centre which means we are able to offer a wide range of connectivity options to our customers. We are continually expanding the carrier footprint in our flagship data centre; and hold strong relationships with all of our carriers. The strength of these relationships and our understanding enables us to support our customers to design solutions that are best in class. We often advise our customers on which combination of carriers is most suited to serving their needs, for example ensuring true route diversity and no common points of entry. Our extensive network allows us to give our customers access to over 700 carriers through our ecosystem connections and Data Centre Interconnect.

If you have a preferred carrier that is not currently listed just let us know, we are happy to add more.

Amito DC-to-DC

Our Data Centre Interconnect solution enables high capacity, high performance, and high resiliency connections between all of the sites on our network.


Amito IP Transit

We use high quality Tier 1 transit providers and are present at multiplie peering exchanges.  We are committed to providing the highest quality and performance for our customers.


colocation icon Reading's largest, most efficient and secure data centre

  • 1000 racks
  • 60,000 sq ft
  • On-site staff 24/7
  • Premium physical and virtual security
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