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Bigstep strides into a new market, backed by Amito colocation service

Published 28th October 2020

Bigstep’s all-in-one bare metal solution helps organisations of all sizes and across all industries make sense of their data. A bespoke colocation solution from Amito has helped the business to successfully penetrate the UK market, without the need to deploy local personnel. 

Constantly rising data volumes are making it harder for organisations to turn their information into meaningful insights. Bigstep’s solution – a full-stack bare metal solution that is a perfect fit for big data, machine learning and advanced analytics projects – provides its customers with answers to all their data-related questions.

The brief

Having started out by providing dedicated bare metal server solutions to customers in UK, Bigstep decided to differentiate itself in the crowded marketplace by repositioning as a provider for big data apps. With a goal to target the UK market, the business required a strong datacentre presence in the region.

Its search for a colocation solution brought it to Amito – and we rose to the challenge of providing an overseas client with a secure, well-supported and reliable UK offering.

As a start-up, Bigstep needed a flexible partner that could grasp its needs and effectively support its growth. One of the reasons it chose to work with us was our understanding of its business, along with a solid focus on providing a consistently high-quality service.

An open and ongoing exchange of information was also a vital requirement. “For us, communication is a critical part of the service,” says Mihail Musat, Bigstep’s Director of Operations. “Amito’s customer communication is exceptional; even when issues arise.”


The solution

Our ability to offer space in a range of carrier hub datacentres across the UK meant we could tailor a flexible colocation and connectivity solution precisely to Bigstep’s needs.

This included the provision of remote hands service and support: being able to rely on our expert team to deploy equipment in the datacentre on its behalf was a major advantage for Bigstep. “The Amito team has proved very knowledgeable, responsive and professional,” says Mihail Musat. “We consider them very much as a partner, not only a supplier.”

Amito’s proprietary VISION client portal met Bigstep’s demand for excellent communication, with a platform that allows updates, discussions and questions to be shared easily and instantly between our team and the client team.

The outcomes

The reliability of Amito’s connectivity has enabled Bigstep to provide its customers with exceptionally high-quality solutions, that provide both performance and flexibility. “We’re very happy with the stability of our service; in fact, 2019 was completely incident free,” says Mihail Musat.


  • Cost-effective implementation – expert remote hands support solved a real headache for Bigstep, saving it from expensive trips to the datacentre or having to engage another service provider to carry out the work.
  • Expanded client portfolio – the client has successfully entered and grown its footprint in the UK market, with high-profile clients including Rightmove and Golf Breaks.
  • Increased strategic focus – relying on us to take care of its infrastructure has allowed Bigstep to concentrate on its core business.
  • Scalability – Amito’s extensive datacentre presence gives the client a number of options for expanding its infrastructure in the future.


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