We’re renowned for the care and attention we give to our clients.

Reassuringly obsessed

We’ll admit it – we’re all obsessed with solving business problems through IT. You’ll receive the full benefit of our in-house expertise when planning your migration, led by members of our senior team.

Once you've installed and set up your equipment, we do as much of the ‘heavy lifting’ as you need in terms of managing and maintaining your infrastructure.

You’ll also get 24x7 backing from our third-line engineers and remote hands team, who have an expert understanding of all resources.

Remote hands support

Our Reading data centre is backed by round-the-clock support from third-line engineers. We also provide the highest level of remote hands support for infrastructure hosted in third-party locations – so wherever you have a presence you’re covered by one central support team.

We do the full gambit. Nothing is ringfenced; there isn’t a piece of kit we don’t touch, or an issue we won’t get involved in.

Included in your fee will be four 15-minute support blocks per month, which can be used to cover tasks such as:

  • getting you back online if something fails
  • replacing components
  • running cables
  • taking delivery of and installing new equipment
  • network services – our engineers can tackle problems at an application or OS level, a rare capability among colocation providers.


In addition to fixing the problem, our team investigates it to establish what happened and why, whether it was avoidable, and whether there’s a risk it will be repeated.

In practice, this means we:

  • forensically troubleshoot issues at every level – from infrastructure right through to the application – to find the root cause
  • deal with the problem at source to prevent it occurring again
  • offer recommendations to improve productivity and efficiency.


All our engineers have a uniquely detailed understanding of our clients’ set ups, enabling them to look at the wider picture and make informed decisions on how best to support.

We take nothing at face value, which means we:

  • don’t simply carry out instructions
  • ask the right questions to get to the nub of a problem
  • base our response on the issue that really needs resolving

Seamless support across locations

If you have kit in multiple data centres, we’ll keep the dots joined, helping you to manage your entire estate.

We can liaise and interact with other suppliers’ support teams where necessary to solve issues or arrange access, for instance. We hold precise records of all our clients’ installations, and our portal gives us visibility and control over every single rack in every single facility.

Amito Customer Portal

Our unique customer portal enables us to run a highly efficient ticketing system. Communication is fast and pain-free, via a ‘live chat’ experience; if you need to contact us, we typically reply within one minute. The comprehensive expertise of our engineers means they’ll immediately grasp your request, and get on to resolving it right away.




The support we’ve had at Amito is the best we have ever had.  Other providers don’t even come close.

Craig Parsons, Head of Technical Services, Soutron

The Amito team has proved very knowledgeable, responsive and professional. We consider them very much as a partner, not just a supplier.

Mihail Musat, Director of Operations, Bigstep

We’re consistently delighted with the experience and responsiveness of the Amito team and the quality of their solutions for us.

Marcel Bößendörfer, CEO, Nitrado

The facility as a whole is very impressive.  Once you have seen it, and read through the specification you know it is of the highest quality.

James Finnigan, Service Delivery Manager, Ingenta

I have worked with various data centres and colocation facilities during my career and Amito’s Reading colocation facility has been the most professional and efficient by far.

James Finnigan, Service Delivery Manager, Ingenta

Having a resilient, reliable offsite data centre space has been a critical part of our success story. Leveraging the services and value Amito provides has enabled us to stay agile and keep competing in the market we’re in.

Vas Proud, Director and Owner, Corporatec

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