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Amito delivers efficiency with new UPS replacement

Published 4th March 2020

Amito takes the lead in datacentre efficiency, with the replacement of eight UPS (uninterruptible power supply) as it continues to lead a strategy of infrastructure innovation.  The investment means Reading’s largest data centre will deliver a reduction of 109,069kg of CO2 within a year while driving power and business continuity for client IT networks.

Recognised as a leader in datacentre design, the latest-generation modular UPS means Amito is now operating at an improved PUE of 1.12. Led by CEO and co-founder, Ed Butler, the company has placed energy efficiency at the centre of its strategy.

Ed says:  “The new UPS technology comes with a multitude of benefits, primarily energy efficiency and resilience. It’s always our goal to run an efficient data centre and for our clients to benefit from the savings. Making a significant step to reducing our environmental footprint is also a major focus for us; sustainability has always been a design priority for Amito’s datacentre.”

Amito is one of the UK’s datacentres that supports the National Grid by synchronising generators and making their energy assets available. Generating power like this further reduces the need for power stations that are not being utilised fully.

Ed adds, “Resilience is crucial, and this new technology installation can tolerate more components failing and as well as different failure modes without impacting the IT load. It goes without saying, uptime is key to what we do as a data centre operator and infrastructure provider.”