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UPDATE! How quickly are people actually returning to the workplace?

Published 7th September 2020

In July we published our “Amito Office Working Index” – using the data that we constantly monitor. Analysing the traffic flows on our network we were able to look for patterns that showed the split of traffic between home broadband and office leased line connections, and home productivity tools like video calling. We set out with the intention of analysing the anonymised data for a specific metric – the proportion of people working from home or working from the office.

The graph below shows our data from April to July, as shared in the original post.

As promised we have revisited the data and here’s our latest update, showing an interesting trend of people working from the office peaking in early August, and then slightly decreasing.

We hold our hands up here – there is no seasonal adjustment in the data, so the peak in early August is likely not a true peak but actually caused by people being on summer holidays, or at least taking a break.  This naturally translates into fewer people working from home, so we have incorrectly analysed this as more people working in the office.  Sorry!

However, the overall trend is still pretty clear, there’s been a big increase in office-based activity since May. We will continue to monitor the trends and if we spot anything we think will be interesting we will keep you updated!

Author: Ed Butler, CEO