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Amito installs dedicated cages to accommodate expansion

Published 1st October 2020

Despite the challenges caused by the full lock-down earlier in the year it was great to see a new 50kW, 8 rack cage installation appear in the Amito Reading data centre over the summer.

This is for a new client using Amito’s Tier 3+ facility as a dual site location to an existing Docklands based deployment, where they are also taking a number of wavelengths from us over our diverse fibre routes; (the north route goes via the Equinix Slough campus and the south route direct to Docklands).

Whilst we have always had the capability to provide dedicated cages there are definitely cost considerations involved, primarily as a caged deployment is quite an inefficient use of floor space, but a higher power density per rack more than makes up for that.  In addition the financial services background of our client means extra security is a key consideration, however we find for most clients the security wrap around our open colocation is deemed sufficient, as supported by our ISO27001 accreditation, for example.

An “outsourced” data centre solution 50 miles west of Docklands

With Amito’s Reading data centre being just 50 miles due west of Docklands and our ability to provide an integrated network solution, we’re seeing a growing interest in colocation clients using our Reading site as a diverse location.  Especially now that our dark fibre ring has recently been extended to include Interxion and Global Switch’s central London sites.

A crucial part of the Amito solution is the expertise of the onsite support available, meaning all ad hoc onsite support is provided by the superbly capable Amito team. Once installed, our clients love the fact that there’s no need to come to site if something needs doing, they simply open a support ticket!  This covers all hardware issues such as failed parts or even installing new equipment; the team here can help all the way up the stack to the application layer. This is a key benefit of one team covering both colocation and our Infrastructure as a Service platform.  A truly outsourced colocation solution, which applies to all clients whether utilising 50kW cages or our smaller ¼ or ½ racks.

Author: Tim Anker, Director of Colocation