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Cloud migration helps HYPE drive innovation for more customers

Published 22nd February 2020

HYPE Innovation is one of the world’s leading providers of innovation management software. Hosting its services on Amito’s cloud platform has enabled HYPE to offer its growing customer base a resilient and secure service that has also proved more cost effective to run.

Businesses are under immense pressure to stay ahead of their rivals by continually generating and executing new ideas. HYPE’s Enterprise solution allows innovation managers to efficiently integrate and track multiple projects through a single platform. When HYPE decided it was time to move to a cloud environment, and deliver its software as a service, it turned to Amito.

“Some of our customers use our software on an on-premise basis, with an increasing number opting to consume it as a cloud service,” explains Christian Feddern, HYPE’s Head of IT Support. “Using Amito’s resources to provide a reliable and secure cloud offering to those customers is helping us to meet this customer demand.”

The brief

Having previously provided its software using an all-in-one physical monolithic server, HYPE made the decision to modernise and maximise its infrastructure by a switching to virtual machines.

It had a number of strict requirements – including DDoS protection, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS/IPS), flexible backup options, dynamically adjustable resources and proactive support – which Amito was able to meet.

The solution

Amito built a bespoke cloud hosting solution that offered HYPE a great deal of flexibility, along with high levels of security and scalability. This enabled the business to extend its infrastructure to a three-tier set-up, encompassing a web server, application server and a database server, all running behind a firewall and Amito’s DDoS protection screen.

Nearly three years on from its first cloud deployment, HYPE has expanded its infrastructure significantly, growing from an initial three servers to a total of 64, and hosting services in three separate locations in Germany, the US and the UK.

“The scale up has been significant, as shown by the large number of hosting servers in use,” says Christian. “Whenever we’ve needed new resources to expand our infrastructure or launch a new service, Amito has been able to give them to us fast.”

The outcomes

The innovation cycle moves at pace, and businesses can’t afford to lose sight of the status of the projects in their portfolio. Amito’s solution has brought HYPE the capability to provide a robust software service that better supports customers’ innovation processes.

  • New business opportunities – HYPE can now serve customers that had previously been out of reach, through the ability to support encryption at rest and offer a reliable disaster recovery model.
  • Streamlined operations – The implementation of new processes and automation has created efficiencies and reduced the burden on HYPE’s IT administrators.
  • Reduced response times – Issues have been minimal, but on the few occasions when services haven’t run as they should proactive support from the Amito team has ensured rapid investigation and resolution of the problem.
  • Speedy scale-ups – We’ve been able to install new services and deliver new resources quickly when required; typically, within just three or four days.
  • Optimised solution – Direct and personal access to our senior technical experts has allowed HYPE to discuss and quickly implement new and better ways of doing things.

Christian has been particularly impressed with the expert support provided. “There’s a really good IT team on the Amito side; they really know what they’re talking about.  If we need them to look into an issue, the support goes way beyond the standard – even on the technically challenging issues.”


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