COVID-19: Our commitment to you

In this uncertain time, we want to reassure all those that need our services, that we are committed to ensuring business continuity. It is our priority to make sure we protect all of our clients and team members, whilst continuing to deliver the same levels of excellence you would expect from us.

Our executive team have moved quickly to put plans in place for handling a ‘lockdown’, if implemented by the government. We will maintain a physical presence in the Reading data centre, and the majority of our team will be working remotely.  We expect this to have minimal impact on our clients, and we have robust systems in place to ensure we are as effective as always.

We understand that this sudden move to remote working and online communication is overwhelming for some businesses. This is a scenario that has never had to be tested before and many will be navigating issues around infrastructure, connectivity and maintaining a robust and resilient service for their own organisations and their clients.

We would like to offer our support.  Our cloud and colocation team are committed to offering their time for free, for a 30 minute consultation and solution session for any business that would welcome the opportunity to get expert advice and insight to help them move forward.


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