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Digital learning: Proactive support helps Dynamic meet complex client hosting needs

Published 27th May 2020

Most businesses only need to concern themselves with managing one corporate website when they move to the cloud. As a specialist in bespoke digital learning solutions, Dynamic Business Services needed a provider that could host and support 60 individual client websites, based on its advanced learning management platform. Amito’s solution has allowed Dynamic to focus on providing high quality services to every client, as well as positioning it strongly to win new business.

For more than 20 years Dynamic Business Services has created innovative on-demand digital learning applications for some of the world’s biggest organisations, across multiple sectors. It provides a range of off-the-shelf and tailored services, including learning management systems (LMS), elearning courses, mobile applications and virtual classrooms. For many clients, a number of different services are integrated into a complete end-to-end solution.

Around 90% of Dynamic’s LMS clients opt for an SAAS (software-as-a-service) solution – putting the responsibility for hosting and support into Dynamic’s hands.

The brief

Dynamic sought to move its learning management platform from its current hosting infrastructure to a robust, scalable and highly secure private cloud hosting solution, with dedicated storage.

Scalability would enable it to mould the perfect server environment for each new client deployment, quickly and easily setting up virtual servers within the private cloud. It needed an environment and service that would be suitable for a wide variety of clients, each running their own bespoke application.

Dynamic was on the hunt for a fully managed service, with a hosting provider that could support and manage its servers 24/7. While the business operates on a 9-to-5, Monday to Friday basis, many clients require round-the-clock availability.

“As a business, we’re experts in learning management systems, not server management. Amito’s fast and responsive support allows us to focus on helping clients to get the best from their system. Amito takes care of the server side – applying security patches and updates, and addressing problems. If something needs investigating, Amito’s engineers step in to keep the client’s service going, and expert advice is always available when needed. We need a hosting partner that understands and supports our business model, and that’s what we have with Amito.” explains Ian Glover, LMS Services Director at Dynamic.

Stringent security processes and controls were also a priority. An LMS will process a lot of employee data, and is often integrated with the corporate HR system, so Dynamic’s clients had a heightened awareness of the need to protect personal data and ensure due diligence.

The solution

Amito put together a bespoke cloud hosting solution that met all of Dynamic’s technical, support and security requirements.

With so many LMS applications hosted over a large number of virtual servers, the implementation process was more detailed, complex and time-consuming than for most other businesses, and required each client to be prepared in advance of the move. Amito provided full support and expert advice during the transition, dedicating time and resources to ensure the change happened smoothly.

The outcomes

Moving to Amito has enabled Dynamic Business Services to continue to focus on providing outstanding digital learning systems, while relying completely on the team’s proactive and efficient support.


  • Strengthened client relationships, trust and loyalty – Improved infrastructure hardware, backed by 24/7 monitoring, automated alerts and engineer investigation, enables Dynamic to provide exceptional service continuity.
  • Less risk of data loss – An enhanced process using InstantRestore enables hourly back-ups, minimising the data that’s lost if a client needs to ‘roll back’.
  • Reduced hosting cost – which has enhanced Dynamic’s competitiveness.
  • A strong footing in new business pitches.


“In a tender situation, prospective clients ask a lot of specific questions around how we’re going to manage and protect their data. The service Amito offers us means we’re always able to meet the hosting requirements. This puts us in a really strong position…We’ve been with Amito two-and-half years now, and we’re really impressed with the service. We have a dedicated private cloud infrastructure that can be expanded easily to grow with us. Amito’s hosting and support is as good as you’ll get – in fact, better than many others we’ve experienced – and comes at a competitive price. It was definitely the right decision to move to Amito.” 

Ian Glover, LMS Services Director


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